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What We Do

At Litchfield Vet hospital we are proud of our ability to work with our clients in order to provide all options available to you as a pet owner. We discuss these options with you, explain the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure and find the optimum solution that is best for your pet and which complies with your budget.
Our experience, facilities and equipment allow us to offer you a comprehensive and thorough work-up of your pet’s problem.
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Caring For Sick Pets (Medical/Hospital Services)

Our modern hospital facilities provide a clean and comfortable environment for your pet to be treated and recover in. Our team of qualified Vet Nurses is indispensible when it comes to providing that special care and attention your pet requires to make their stay as comfortable as possible whilst in our hospital. We also have a full range of high quality prescription diets available to ensure correct and adequate nutrition for your pet during their stay with us. 

In addition to the General Ward, we have an Isolation Ward. This gives us the opportunity to treat infectious diseases, such as Parvovirus, in isolation, with dedicated staff who deal only with those patients. This allows us to be confident not to infect other pets in the general population.

We can also provide Intensive Care when necessary for those extremely sick patients, with facilities for oxygen administration, ECG monitoring and specialist blood products such as Canine Plasma or a blood donation from one of our staff dogs. 
A limited number of animals with medical needs can be accommodated for boarding by prior arrangement.

We are also fortunate to have Vets with special interests in specific areas including

Feline Medicine (Dr. Caroline Astley)
Behavioural Problems (Dr. Melissa Sherwood) 
Birds, such as parrots, poultry and ducks, and smaller companion animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and rats (Dr. Leana Watermeyer) 

Consultations with these Vets can be booked on request. Please call us on 8983 2838 to arrange an appointment

Surgical Services

Our Clinic offers a wide range of surgical services, from routine desexings to more complex soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures. We have two operating theatres and a treatment room. A thorough examination of your pet is always undertaken prior to any procedure.
A pre-anaesthetic blood test and intravenous fluid therapy throughout the procedure are recommended. In addition, a qualified Veterinary Nurse is always present to carefully monitor your pet during any sedation or anaesthetic, with the aid of the latest monitoring equipment. 

Specialist Surgeon

Veterinary Surgical Specialist, Dr Kim Smith BVSc (Hons) FACVSc, is available for referral consultations for those more complicated surgical and neurological cases.
Dr Smith consults as an independent Specialist from our hospital every second month.  

What's Wrong With My Pet? (Diagnostic Services)

Due to the remote nature of Darwin, there are limited local Veterinary diagnostic laboratory facilities available. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to offer many diagnostic tests on site at the clinic. 

Our Hospital has the ability to run an extensive panel of blood, urine and faecal tests ‘in house’, including snake venom detection tests, providing you with same-day results.
We can also examine samples from skin and ears under the microscope to ensure rapid and appropriate treatment of those irritating itchy skins or painful ears.

In addition, we have Digital Radiography (X-rays), Ultrasound and Endoscopy for examining those hard to get to areas.

After-hours service is available when you need it

Pet Dentist (Dental Services)

At Litchfield Vet Hospital we recognise that a healthy mouth is an important part of your pet’s wellbeing. As such we offer FREE DENTAL HEALTH checks by appointment. Call the clinic on 8983 2838 to arrange a free dental check-up for your pet. 

Following these checks we may recommend some treatment to ensure your pet’s mouth remains healthy.
We have specialised dental equipment which enables us to provide ‘in hospital’ dental care for your pet. This includes ultrasonic cleaning and extractions if required. 

We can also advise you how best to maintain your pet’s healthy mouth with a range of dental homecare options. 

After-Hours Service

At Litchfield Veterinary Hospital, the after-hours emergency service is operated in conjunction with three other Veterinary clinics as well as our own. In the event that your pet requires urgent Veterinary attention out of usual business hours, please call Litchfield Vet clinic on 8983 2838. 

Your call will automatically be transferred to the clinic responsible for dealing with emergencies at that time. 
Please listen carefully to which clinic you have been directed to. 

We treat your pets as though they were our own

Stray Animals

If the animal is injured, please call us at the clinic on 8983 2838 for advice.

The website for listing lost and found animals is TELAF at 


  • If the animal is not injured or you are unsure, please contact WildCare on 8988 6121 or 0408 885 341 for advice or rescue

At Litchfield Vet Hospital we are happy to see injured or orphaned wildlife during office hours. Following assessment of the animal and treatment, as required, we work closely with WildCare to organise a suitable carer, if appropriate. We also stock a range of Marsupial milk replacement powders, feeding bottles and teats for hand rearing orphaned animals.
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