Additional Services

Puppy classes

At Litchfield Vets, we believe that early socialisation and training for puppies is essential to ensure a well-balanced and happy dog in the future. Introducing puppies to new and challenging stimuli in a safe and clean environment is vital for their behavioural development.
We hold Puppy Pre-School Classes at 7pm on Thursday evenings at the Clinic. Each course runs for 4 weeks, culminating in graduation at the end of the course. Please contact our clinic on 8983 2838 for more information and dates of the next course. Click on link to Puppy Pre-School Flyer


We offer a grooming service for dogs and cats, including bathing and clipping Monday to Friday by appointment. This can also be done under sedation if necessary for those nervous pets. 
We also routinely clip nails, trim birds’ beaks and wing feathers.

Mobile Vet Service

We are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity of a home visit for routine consultations, vaccinations and 
certain treatments.

Visits are usually done between 11am and 3pm on weekdays. 
Please contact the clinic 8983 2838 to arrange a suitable time.
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Microchip identification

At Litchfield Veterinary Hospital we strongly recommend that ALL pets are implanted with a Microchip. The microchip (about the size of a grain of rice) is placed under the skin using a very quick injection. Once implanted, it can be scanned to detect a number which is unique to each animal.

This number, your animal’s details and your contact details are all registered to a National database and the information is kept there for life. The registration fee is included in the cost of placing the Microchip.
In the event that your animal goes missing and is found by someone else, he or she can be easily identified and reunited with you!

Unfortunately, too often a stray or injured animal is brought to us for treatment and either does not have a microchip or the details held in the database are out of date and we are unable to trace the owner to let them know we are looking after their pet.

Our staff has been specially trained and qualified


Possibly one of the hardest things you will ever have to do is to make the decision to have your beloved pet euthanased. However, as a responsible, caring pet owner, it is sometimes the only choice left to prevent pain and suffering. 

At Litchfield Veterinary Hospital we really do understand the connection you have with your pet. The Vets cannot make the decision for you but are here to advise and support you. If you want to talk to a Vet about having your pet put to sleep please call in and make an appointment. 

It is best to make an appointment when you know it is time to say goodbye. Let the receptionist know why you are coming so they can try to book you at a quiet time. Alternatively, we are able to visit you at home during week days, if you would prefer.
Before you come, discuss with your family whether you want to cremate your pet or bury them at home. We can organise private cremation for you through Pets Eternal Tranquility, a dedicated pet crematorium in Berrimah.

Alternatively, all pets left with us are communally buried by the council.

The actual euthanasia is a quiet and painless procedure. It is your personal choice if you would like to stay while the Vet administers the drug, which is a very highly concentrated anaesthetic. As soon as the Vet starts to inject, your pet will become sleepy, the pet’s respiration will deepen as they become unconscious. After just a few seconds all movement will stop. The Vet will listen for your pet’s heart beat to assure you that they have passed away.

Pet Insurance

We encourage the concept of Pet Insurance which removes many of the worries and concerns over the costs of Veterinary Services.

There is no Medicare for animals and Veterinary care can be expensive, especially if your pet develops an on-going problem, needs long-term medication or has a sudden accident; it doesn’t take long for the cost to mount up.
Having Pet Insurance can ease the burden and give you peace of mind. As with all insurance, premiums vary significantly in price but also in what is covered, so when you shop around do read the small print carefully.

Most companies will not provide cover for any pre-existing conditions and there will be an excess to pay on claims you make. Please contact us on 8983 2838 or click on this link for further information and to compare available products 


At Litchfield Vet Hospital we are happy to see injured or orphaned wildlife. Following assessment of the animal and treatment, as required, we work closely with WildCare to organise a suitable carer, if appropriate.

We also stock a range of Marsupial milk replacement powders, feeding bottles and teats for hand rearing orphaned animals.
During office hours: if you find an injured wild animal please contact Wildcare on 08 8988 6121 or 0408 885 341 for advice or wildlife rescue. Visit

After-hours: please contact the NT Government Sponsored Wildlife Vet on 0409 090 840.
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